Locker Rooms

We want every part of your Club experience to exceed expectations and this aspect of our facilities is no exception. Our locker rooms are designed for functionality, comfort and performance – helping you prepare for, or wind down after, your experience at our Clubs. Both the women’s and men’s areas are equipped with a whirlpool, sauna, steam room, shower, towel service, TV and lounge for relaxing before and after your workouts. All of this and of course, plenty of complimentary, full-size lockers to accommodate your gear.

Private lockers and associated laundry service are available for a monthly fee and may be rented for as long as you wish. The prices are listed below. Please contact your Membership Office for availability.

*See below for clarification on Downtown's amenities.

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    • Athletic

      Monthly Private Locker Fees

      Half - $17 | Kit - $10

    • Racquet

      Monthly Private Locker Fees

      Full - $25 | Half- $15

    • North

      Monthly Private Locker Fees

      Half - $12 | Kit - $5

    • Downtown

      The amenities at the Downtown club are similar in offerings to our other Clubs with the exception of the wet areas in the locker rooms. Whirlpool and steam are not available.

      The private locker monthly fee is as follows:

      Half - $12.50