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physical therapy

Pains, sprains and pulls? Our physical therapists have a special interest in and passion for sports therapy. Their goal is to help you return to your favorite activities as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Please note, our clinic is private pay but if you desire, we can complete a PT “super bill” which you can file with your insurance company for reimbursement (Athletic club only). Members may charge physical therapy services to their Club accounts.

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Whether you’re loosening up for a big doubles match or you’re a busy mom who just needs an hour-long escape from her daily duties, our licensed massage therapists are experts in an array of techniques and therapies. Besides just feeling better generally, enjoying regular massage will improve circulation and flexibility, relieve tension headaches and muscle pain, reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate weak muscles.

We offer massage at Athletic, Racquet, North and Downtown. Session fees are listed under each therapist. To schedule your appointment, please contact the respective Club.

Meet the Therapists