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Whether you're looking for your first taste of pickleball or are looking to hone a specific skill, instructors Jerry Weigle and Bynum Matthews are happy to help. You can have a great time hitting with an experienced player, work on strategic play or get super granular, seeking to improve specific skills like groundstrokes, serves, returns, lobs, transition shots, dinking, quick hand volleys, keeping the ball low, accuracy, footwork and more. The choice is yours - even when you take - because early morning, daytime and evening sessions. Non-members may take lessons. (A guest fee will be added to the session fee.) To schedule, contact the coaches directly.

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Fees 30 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes
1 player $32 $53.50 n/a
2 players $20.50 each $33 each n/a
3 players n/a $26.50 each n/a
4 players n/a $20 each n/a
5 - 6 players n/a $15 each $20 each