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It is our belief that mastery of certain basic skills is critical for the future success of your player. The goal is to learn proper technique and ingrain it so that it can be counted on under pressure. Our knowledgeable coaches work with individuals, small groups and teams to do just that.

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Basic Offensive Skills

Passing – and not over possessing
Catching – and confidently retaining possession
Dribbling – and not picking up the ball too early
Cutting and pivoting – moving without travelling
Shooting – off catch and off dribble
Screening – learn the “pick and roll” early
Developing your weak side – there’s no excuse

Basic Defensive Skills

Stance and footwork – balance is key
Communication – talking to your team, watching the other
Sight – watching the ball, your opponent and the court
Rebound prevention – boxing out your opponent
Pressure – running with and not fouling
Shot blocking – without slapping